Welcome to
Gary Scully


I have been fascinated with music my whole life.
At the age of ten having been heavily inspired by
the Guns N Roses album "Appetite for Destruction"
my friend and I decided to get guitar lessons.
Soon after this I found myself writing songs in
my bedroom with the few chords I knew and
to be honest I have not really stopped writing since.

I took music the whole way through secondary school
and had a great teacher who was encouraging and inspiring.
After secondary school I was accepted into
a music performance college where I studied drums,
bass and piano on top of improving my guitar playing,
singing and songwriting. Part of this course was
music technology a division of music I thought would
never grab me the same way songwriting had,
but I was wrong and over the past 7 years
I have grown to love all aspects of the subject.

In order to keep this short I won’t go into too much
more detail about the last 17 years of my life
with music but it is all in the CV for anyone
who wishes to view.
I would like to say that so far on my musical journey
I have met many wonderful people a lot of whom have
become great friends and I am eternally grateful to all
that have crossed my path for the things I have learnt from them.

The main reason for me wanting to put up this web site is
to have a sort of musical diary, a place to call home for
my music and all other musical projects I am involved with.

So that’s it, I hope you find some music that interests
you here and I thank you for taking the time to listen.